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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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arrive after a red eye and go to talk to prince in a positive way and he arrives to see him dead in an elevator unconscious. so it was certainly a difficult time for him. >> any other medical issues? >> no information on that. >> did he try to do resuscitati resuscitation? >> no, he called 9-1-1. >> did he attempt? >> i don't believe so. the paramedics were on their way. and arrived in a couple minutes. no. i can't see around your cell phone.
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>> that's what defense lawyers do. i've talked to him many times. >> toxicologist? >> i really don't have any information on that. >> he said he was unconscious. wasn't making a medical assessment. he did the right thing in that situation which is to call 9-1-1 and get some paramedics there. paramedics arrived in a couple of minutes. >> there is a local doctor? >> i won't. i won't. >> at the doctor's office on thursday morning. no direct contact. no. andrew was there thursday morning to initiate that contact
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and talk about the recovery program. [ reporter asking question ] >> probably went thewhether ther not, he was in touch with the local minnesota doctor. well, that was the thought, yeah. that was the thought. >> as a premed student, did he -- >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> last question. >> what was the hope to bring prince to california? >> the hope was to get him stabilized in minnesota and convince him to come to recovery without walls in mill valley. that was the plan. all right? thank you. >> so what you're watching. it's a little confusing but i'm going to try to put the linear story together from the attorney
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in minneapolis who was just speaking out to reporters regarding the sequence of events that led to prince's death and what we have learned that was reported earlier in minneapolis star tribune was that representatives of prince's had called out to california to a renowned doctor asking for help. asking for effectively an emergency intervention because of a drug addiction. that doctor was called the day before prince died. no one was to know what happened the next day. the doctor's schedule was jammed but made time for prince on friday. two days later, but just to be certain, he sent his son, who's also an expert on an overnight flight right away, landing in minneapolis on thursday morning going straight to the compound where prince was located. knocking on the door. again, this is thursday. only to find from prince's associates, they couldn't find him. they looked throughout the
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compound. with that gentleman at the door, his name, andrew cornfield, his father, the renowned dr. howard cornfield and discussed that prince was dead in the elevator. this is such a proximate connection that it was actually andrew cornfeld who got off who dialled 9-1-1 to report that was going on at the paisley compound and what's intriguing is that everybody he said was so distraught and this is according to the minneapolis star tribune he said it. the people are just distraught. we're in minneapolis, minnesota, and we're at the home of prince. he couldn't even give an actual address. this was unfolding as he was there for an emergency intervention. it was the next day friday that dr. howard cornfield was expected to arrive to help with this emergency intervention. one of the legal issues that is sure to come of this was what was in the backpack of andrew
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cornfield, the son of the doctor who had tried to be there during this emergency? and what was intriguing is that this attorney, who's the attorney for the renowned physician in california said the physician's son is protected by statutory immunity of a statute where prince lives in minnesota that 9-1-1 callers are guaranteed immunity. this is very fascinating. i want to bring in joey jackson, our legal analyst to talk about this. first, so distressing to hear how quick prince's representatives were in trying to get help for prince and how close it was. if they had only been able to get there a day before, that prince might have been able to be saved. but this statutory immunity that was given and clearly, this andrew cornfield was interrogated as well. he was interviewed by police. he will not be facing any kinds of charges for whatever might
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have been in his backpack for whatever reason. >> two issues, ashleigh and the issue number one is the essence of time. i mean, time we take. it's so much we take for granted. the fact is that we learn now that there was an underlying issue. a deep issue. an issue which was going to be addressed. but as a result of the exigency of the circumstance, the immediate attention he needed and the time it took to get him that attention, unfortunately, it wasn't timely and again, unfortunately, he met his demise. the second issue in terms of 9-1-1 and immunity, that's what you want. you want someone to be in a position not to worry about what's my liability? will i be in trouble, what are my issues? what problems could i face? you want someone to focus on the person in distress. the person needing assistance. the person who really needs to be provided for. and that's why you have such a statute that said we're not worried about you. we're concerned that you provide the help to the person in need. but as we know, ashleigh, it was
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a little too late for that to take place. >> joey jackson, stand by. stephanie elam, cnn correspondent on the scene joining now with more on this news we're learning. stephanie, that was just an extraordinary news conference where that attorney laid out in detail the moment by moment effort to do this emergency intervention. something called a life-saving mission in the hours literaly before prince was found dead. just a remarkable series of events. >> reporter: it really is and just shows you that it feels like what we've been hearing about the fact he had been discovered with the opioid pills on him in his house and then learning that that was an intervention staged by people in prince's camp thinking this is serious enough we need to get help now. the call coming in the night before. the doctor not being able to make it here. the intervention on behalf of prince by people in his camp to
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try to help him. when he didn't show up thursday morning, that was a tip-off. the doctor here, a local doctor, was supposed to stabilize prince's health according to the lawyer and then they were going to work to transition prince out to california to northern california where he could work off the pain med addiction what was happening here but fills in a lot of detail about the fact that the son was the one to call 9-1-1 and two people who were with him from prince's camp. ashleigh? >> the local doctor, through this attorney who gave this live news conference saying he had cleared his entire morning schedule, the morning thursday, april 21st, fully expecting that that expert, that doctor from california whom sent his son, that the son would bring prince to him and of course, that was the morning where prince was found dead.
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where does this go from here in terms of the investigation? i can only imagine, while this is tragic, it changes not a wit about the effort by the dea to track down where prince was getting all of the dope. >> reporter: i can't see that it changes anything. if anything, it confirms more of a line here. what has to happen is the toxicology report, a few more weeks out. what we get is more of what may have happened to prince and that it became dire enough to the people in prince's camp, they said we need help as soon as possible and doing his best to get here from mill valley, california. it just didn't happen in time. >> didn't happen in time. i think that will be the headline of the story no matter how fast flights can get there. no matter who got there. nobody could get there in time. they couldn't get there fast enough. stephanie elam, thank you for
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that. we're going to wrap our coverage of the story. we continue, of course, cnn's coverage on what happens next in that story. but right now, i want to return you to the breaking news in the race for the white house. sources saying john kasich is going to drop out of this presidential race and that makes donald trump officially the last man standing on the republican side. back after a quick break. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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hello, i'm jim sciutto. wolf blitzer is on assignment and sitting down with a live interview for hillary clinton that's next hour. but first, our breaking news
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this hour. a change of heart in the last domino left. john kasich expected to follow ted cruz's lead and suspend his presidential campaign. clearing the way for donald trump to claim the republican nomination unopposed. cnn political reporter sarah murray joining me now live from new york. sarah, another surprise. kasich, he was hoping to hold on to the republican convention and that's in his home state. why the change of heart now? >> well, jim. it's amazing. the change of heart happened so quickly. i mean, last night, his aides were insisting he was going to stay to cleveland or someone had 1237 delegates. trump had 1237 bound delegates and they were actually at the airport. they were on the plane. they were going to be headed to dc this morning. and john kasich had a change of heart. and he just realized that he was no longer able to get his message as sort of hope and unity. what he was candidacy.
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and i think when he makes his statement at 5:00 p.m., we'll see how he begins to navigate it. as you pointed out, this is particularly awkward because the republican convention is in john kasich's home state. he is the sitting governor of ohio. the convention will be in cleveland where donald trump puican nominee and so that's another thing he and his aides are going to have to grapple with is how to deal with donald trump in this convention. >> no more drama over the contested convention. chief political analyst gloria borger and cnn analyst and host of the david gregory show podcast, david gregory. gloria, you've been involved from the beginning. it was just last night you made this decision. >> well, no. this morning. 8:00. like he was on a private plane. they were heading into dc and he had the plane turn around, i'm told. and he called four of his
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closest, oldest buddies. and told them, my heart's not in it. and asked them what he should do and each of them i'm told said to him, if your heart is not in it, don't do it. and as sarah was saying, all of us were getting the signals last night that kasich was staying in it. you know, i heard from the top kasich advisor saying there was too much to fight for. the future of america. that's pretty big. and then the candidate, this morning, had a change of heart. he was ready to hold a national security team and one was talking to donors today about the path forward but, you know, when the candidate says his heart's not in it, you've got to go with the candidate. >> surprised even his own staff. >> maybe on the timing. but let's be honest. this was long overdue for john kasich who ran a good campaign but not his year.
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look, when the race went to the northeast, he promised that he'd do much better and got blown away by donald trump. he entered into reluctantly this agreement packed with ted cruz where he'd stay out of indiana and have some game in a moderate part of the state as a neighboring governor and he was going to campaign out west. cruz didn't uphold his end of the bargain and got blown away by trump and then what's there left to do if you're john kasich? you have no chance of winning. it's quite clear that i think the party, not a majority of the party, but certainly enough to get trump to become the presumptive nominee had moved into a position leaving kasich behind and then reince priebus saying it's over. trump is the presumptive nominee. it choked off that air supply. >> a lot of pressure, i would add, on kasich. not only reince priebus' tweets from last night saying you've got to rally around the presumptive nominee but people who have known kasich for years
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were saying to him, you know, why are you still doing this? you don't want to be the spoiler. you want to be a positive impact on the party and you can't do that if you're still fighting the nominee. >> let's talk about this. having an effective nominee on the side. and bernie sanders did have a win in indiana. we should note that but when you look at the national polls up here, you show hillary against donald trump. 13 point lead for hillary clinton over donald trump and you see this as well on the issues. a lead with everything but handling of the economy. 13 point lead is big. is there precedent, gloria borger, quote, for closing that difference. >> sure. look at michael dukakis. he was ahead 17 points after his convention and he lost. right? so these can change. this is really early. i think the economy number is important to look at because what they're talking about inside the clinton campaign is
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an economic plan that they have to produce that will show and they want to highlight the fact that donald trump's economic plan would encourage tax cuts for the wealthy. and so this is something they're going to be talking about. they'll get their economic plan together. point out to have trump's economic plan helps the rich and by the way, they're then going to do what obama did to mitt romney on bain capital. go after trump on his business background to prove that it's not what it's cracked up to be. >> both have high negatives. both have very high negatives and try to destroy each. i think we're in for something that's unpleasant in the course of this general election. to each drive up the negatives. it may not be so much about can trump get the voters alluding him and prevent the voters to turn out in large numbers because they're not feeling satisfied with her? we have a long way to go. >> no question it starts right
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now. no question. gloria borger, david gregory, thank youery much. let's turn now to the democratic race for president. joel benenson a chief strategist for hillary for america. we'll hear from hillary clinton coming up on 2:00 p.m. eastern with anderson cooper. polled well against hillary clinton in the general election. of course, donald trump, at least based on those latest numbers, not polling as well. from your perspective, is this the opponent you wanted in the general? >> well, i think you have to face the opponent that you have to face. and it's clear after last night, he's going to be the nominee. i think that was clear before governor kasich announced he was stepping down. and we've been thinking of trump as the nominee for some time. he's an unconventional candidate to be certain but everything about his poses risks to the people of america at a time where they are looking for a president who can make a difference in their lives. and donald -- >> listen, it's still going on.
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bernie sanders is in the race and a surprising win in indiana just yesterday. some warning signs, no question, in this democratic primary for hillary clinton. she has high negatives. she has trouble mobilizing, particularly, young democratic voters. i want to ask you this. did hillary clinton learn something? has she learned something from this primary process so far that's going to lead to a change? >> jim, first of all, you know, respectfully, take a look at the poll you just put up on the screen. beating mr. trump by almost 2 to 1 among young voters. won 3 million more votes than senator sanders through the primaries. she's done that by laying out a clear vision of how she'll keep america safe. how she will improve the economic lives of working americans with real plans that will produce real results in their lives and i think when we get to the general election against mr. trump, there's going to be a very clear contrast there because he is posing a risk when it comes to foreign
10:23 am
affairs called out by military and foreign policy experts because he wants more nuclear armament in the world and alienated our allies and economic lives said he wouldn't raise the minimum wage in america because wages are too high. i can't think of a stance that's more out of touch with where working americans are in this country and i think those are contrasts we'll engage willingly with mr. trump. >> let's talk about a place where the latest polls show hillary clinton still struggling. exit polls from indiana, a struggle with independent voters. 72% you see there for sanders and 28 for clinton. that's a big gap. what does she need to do now to close that gap? >> jim, i've been saying this for months. you cannot translate results in a primary to a general election f. you look at your own cnn poll this morning, she's beating mr. trump among independent voters by double digits. >> no question, but to be fair, those high negatives are very, granted, donald trump has higher negatives but her negatives are
10:24 am
really, no one's been that high except for donald trump. you can't discount that challenge. >> no, but trump's very unfavorable ratings are higher in your own poll than hillary clinton's combined unfavorable ratings. look, elections are choices. the american people are going to be going to the polls to decide on who they want to be the next president of the united states and the leader of the free world. that's going to pose a very clear contrast on a woman who's been face to face with tough leaders like vladimir putin who pose sanctions on iran to dismantle nuclear weapons and when it comes to bringing this country together, donald trump's divisive hateful language about muslims, calling women pigs, and making fun of disabled people with gestures on a television screen, there's going to be a clear choice here between who people want to be the leader of the united states and the free
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world and we're not going to take anything for granted. we never have but not going to sit back and take swipes from mr. trump. we've got plenty of differences to call out during the course of this election. >> let me ask you this in a different way. you've heard this criticism before. that hillary clinton, the candidate, and her campaign as well don't respond well, don't adjust to negative information. and there are hard signs here. there have been consistent throughout the democratic primary process with young voters, with independent voters. i just want to ask you, is the campaign willing and ready to make changes as they go to the generals? is there going to be a change in message? how are they going to appeal and draw over some of those young sanders vote? some of whom say they're not ready t make that jump? is the message going to change at all to bring those people to her side and excited for the general? >> the message isn't going to
10:26 am
change because it's been a winning message in the primaries. as for these sanders voters, we want to engage them. hillary clinton has talked about bringing them on board. the fact what our differences are pale in comparison in the democratic side to the republican side. and you know, historically, jim, there are more hillary clinton voters in 2008 who said they wouldn't support barack obama at the end of that primary season than there are today sanders voters who say they won't support hillary clinton. look, we want them in the party. we want to unite. bernie sanders said he wants to do everything to make sure donald trump doesn't become president and he'll have a role to play in that as well but we're reaching out to them but our message around climate change, around real immigration reform, embracing lgbt americans and talking about their equality, not just in opportunity but the way they're treated and fighting discrimination laws, we have much more in common with bernie sanders voters by far than they have in common with mr. trump
10:27 am
who's done nothing but divide americans and pit people against each other since the day he got into this race. >> joel, at this stage of the race, even well before the convention, speculation beginning on both sides about vp running mates and certainly with hillary clinton about who she would choose. a lot of buzz about tim cain, for instance. what will clinton be looking for in a running mate and does tim cain fit the bill? >> i think the decision about running mate is one that's personal. she's been close to two presidents. her husband and president obama. i think the primary criteria is picking someone ready to be president of the united states and from there, she's got some time here. i'm sure the process will work its way along for her to make the decision in time that suits her and properly to people she's considering. >> joel benenson, hillary for
10:28 am
america. thanks for joining us. reminder to our viewers, hillary clinton, she's going to be joining our anderson cooper live in the next hour. and coming up this hour. the sanders campaign joining us to talk live about his win in indiana and how his supporters will never go to donald trump. plus, wolf blitzer sat down with donald trump just a short time ago. what does he have to say about john kasich suspending his campaign? all of that coming up after this break. to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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together, we're building a better california. shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back. we follow breaking news. john kasich expected to announce later today he's suspending his campaign. leaving donald trump with an
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unrestricted path to the republican nomination for president. as his last competitor falls, there is one thing we're learning. it's that not even $75 million is enough to keep donald trump out of the white house because $75 million is exactly how much the anti-trump movement has spent trying unsuccessfully to stop him. join meganow now, the politica editor. alex, if i could start with you. republican leaders, some of them are starting to support donald trump. some of them hesitantly. we heard bobby jindal, one of the first calling him an ego maniac but here's what he said on cnn a short time ago. >> if it comes down to a binary choice between donald trump, i'll support my party's nominee. i'm not happy about it. i don't think he's the best qualified or likely to be successful but i would vote for
10:34 am
him over hillary clinton. >> so you tried to start an anti-trump movement early in this race. will you also unhappily vote for donald trump like governor jindal or follow republicans who say they'll go against the party and might vote for hillary clinton? >> i might even get happier and support donald trump. no, i think governor jindal was right on the money. there's a reason there is a donald trump. and that's because americans are looking for an alternative to the way the country is going now. you haven't had a raise really or a bigger paycheck in 30 years. the world seems to be catching on fire. there's no certainty in life anymore. and the alternative is what, hillary clinton, more of the same from washington, insider and establishment candidate? when nothing is working, the most dangerous thing you can do is more of the same. that's the choice i think is going to unite a lot of republicans to say, look, forget never trump.
10:35 am
this is about never hillary. >> scottie, must be good news to you but i want to show you what we found in a new cnn orc poll. more than half of americans have an unfavorable opinion of trump. 57%. 39% there favorable. particularly with polling like this so close to the general election, people who are so well known publicly, those numbers tend to stick and i wonder what you say from the trump side, what you're going to do about the unfavorables and can you get them down before the general? >> first off, bravo to alex. that was an absolutely perfect response. that's a great response. might not be happy, 100% but say thank you because that's the type of leadership, that's the type of maturity we need to be seeing within the republican party as we unify against hillary and i think that's a charge right now for the never trump group. >> i've never been accused of maturity before. this would be a first. >> oh, but i think it's great.
10:36 am
i think now it needs to turn to never hillary. you're looking at actually, while mr. trump does have highs, hillary clinton is right below him and hers are within demographics that should be popular for her. look at her amongst democrats. her vote right now, she's 58% unfavorable amongst women of the democratic party. it's the party for women. >> and to be fair, donald trump's negatives among women are much higher. >> but he's a republican who traditionally had a problem with women. democrats should not have that issue. they're higher with a female presidential candidate. that number should be extremely low and yet it's that high and then you look at last night and pardon your guests prior to this. bernie sanders 70% of independents went for bernie sanders. hillary clinton is going to have a hard time going after that. those are millennials. mr. trump amongst the demographics on the gop side
10:37 am
slightly or by a large amount has won. those independents right there are those who might look at mr. trump. three out of every ten people who supported mr. sanders said they'll not support hillary clinton. that's 30% right there that might be able to come over to the gop. >> we have new reporting here that among the vp candidates trump looks at here, rob portman, nikki haley who had the response to the state of the uni union critical of trump's message. what do you think would be the best? >> mr. trump said he said he needs someone who's not a businessman. he's got that base covered but needs to get things done. either of the two names would be fantastic. they are both optimistic republican candidates who can help donald trump get things done in washington. another name that i hear quite a bit is newt gingrich. again, somebody who knows how capitol hill works. somebody who i think who has a
10:38 am
good relationship with donald trump. i wouldn't be surprised to see that name on the list as well. >> two more names for you real quick? >> newt is a phenomenal choice. i think he's an excellent choice. he was in office. i think also looking at marco rubio and i might have just got my trump card pulled on me there but i think senator rubio would have a lot to offer, especially the future of the gop but senator bob corker who did a phenomenal interview here with erin burnett and in that, he could bring some and not just because i'm a tennessee girl but one of the foreign policies with respect to washington, dc amongst the colleagues but also a businessman and therefore respects the decisions of mr. trump. loyalty is the most important and mainly, the last three really bring that to him. >> that's where we are in the campaign and talking about a contested convention and talking about names for trump. trump's vp position. she's a trump position and was with the romney campaign.
10:39 am
coming up today, we learn new details about the american navy seal killed by isis in iraq. we will have that and take you live to baghdad for an update and then plus, a cnn exclusive interview with the defense secretary about our growing troop presence in the middle east. that's right after this. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ]
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welcome back. we follow breaking news. ohio governor john kasich following ted cruz's lead. sources say he will be suspending his presidential campaign. he's expected to make that announcement tonight at 5:00 eastern time from his home state of ohio in columbus. we will bring you that live. also, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will be interviewed live by anderson cooper. that interview at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. well, let's turn from politics to the war on terror. flags flying at half staff today in arizona. the home state of navy seal charles keating iv. the 31-year-old killed during a fire fight with isis forces who broke through iraqi defenses in northern iraq. cnn now detained this video from the area of that attack. officer first class charles keating was in that white suv.
10:44 am
christiane amanpour had the chance to speak about this mission. >> this is a risky campaign. there is risk here. americans are at risk but it's necessary. we need to, we will defeat isil, but there's going to be risk associated with it. >> joining me now is colonel steve warren live from baghdad. spokesman for the anti-isis coalition in iraq. i have to ask you here. the isis fighters broke through kurdish defenses, two to three miles in effect. what are you learning about how this happened? >> jim, what we call this in military terms is a penetration. so they concentrated some power at one spot along the kurdish front line of troops and managed to pufrnch through and then sprinted through the objective. this enemy did not know there
10:45 am
were americans at the time. this was their objective and it was only by chance that the advisors and assisters were there providing advice and assistance to the peshmerga. fire fight ensued and tragically, one american was killed. >> i have to ask you. the administration military officials constantly talked about how this is an advise and assist mission. if those u.s. forces will not be at the front lines, but the fact is those lines, as you say, they can be penetrated. we've had soldiers killed under other circumstances. isn't it the time that the u.s. acknowledges that u.s. forces are in a combat situation in iraq? >> well, certainly there was combat yesterday. and certainly, every pilot who drops a bomb is executing his combat mission. every artillery man who fires an artillery shell to impact the enemy is conducting his combat
10:46 am
mission. i think everyone is trying to point out is what this mission is not. and what this is not is a major offensive. we don't see thousands of american infantry men supported by columns of american tanks smashing through towns and cities across iraq in an effort to seize the country. that's what this is not. what this is is american power supporting the iraqis as they try to beat isil. >> no question. and certainly a difference in terms of size but the u.s. forces are in danger. and in light of the role we saw there, so you have a small unit of u.s. forces in this case, seals visiting kurdish forces, relatively close to the front lines but not on the front lines. can you tell us how many of the 4,000 u.s. troops deployed to iraq get that close? >> to the front lines, it's a small number. 150 in there who are actually
10:47 am
advising friendly forces. the rest of the personnel that are here are conducting the training missions. they're in support roles. they're in staff roles. matters like that. >> colonel steve warren for the anti-isis coalition. thank you for joining us live from iraq. >> thank you, jim. officer first class charles keating is the third american service member killed in iraq since u.s. forces were redeployed there to help anti-isis efforts in 2014. army staff sergeant joshua wheeler killed during a rescue mission last october and just this past march, marine staff sergeant louis killed in a rocket attack on base also in northern iraq. now back to our breaking news on john kasich jumping out of the presidential race. we just have learned new details about whether he'll endorse donald trump. we'll give you that news right after this. plus, donald trump sitting down with our own wolf blitzer with
10:48 am
his first on-camera interview since becoming the presumptive nominee since becoming the republican party. we'll bring that to you next. we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. look on the bright side. aveeno® skin brightening scrub and daily moisturizer with active naturals® soy. used together they make skin look healthier and more radiant in just one week. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®
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10:50 am
we want to update you now on breaking news. ohio governor john kasich expected to leave the republican presidential race giving donald trump a clear uncontested path to the nomination. cnn's wolf blitzer sat down with trump just a moment ago. here's how he reacted to that news. >> as we're speaking, i know you're very happy that ted cruz has dropped out. cnn has confirmed john kasich, the ohio governor, he's dropping out as well. you're the only one left right now. >> that's good. you're just telling me for the first time about john and that's god. i think john is doing the right thing. >> ohio, you know, is an important state. no republican has ever been elected president of the united states without winning ohio. >> well, i think john will be very -- i've had a good relationship with john.
10:51 am
>> he's got a lot of government experience in the congress and as a governor. >> i think john will be very helpful with ohio, even as governor. >> he says he doesn't want to be a vice president. well, that could be. >> he's said that. >> would he be someone you're interested in vetting? >> i would be interested in vetting john. i like john, had a good relationship with john and gotten along with him well, but whether he's vice president or not, i think he'll be very, very helpful with ohio. >> do you think the general election campaign has already started, you versus hillary clinton, that for all practical purposes bernie sanders is out? >> well, i think what has happened, there's been a little flip, and i'm even surprised by it. i thought that i'd be going longer and she'd be going shorter. she can't put it away. like a football team that can't put the ball over the line. i put it away. she can't put it away. i thought i'd be out there and she would be campaigning against me. yeah, i'll be campaigning against her while she's campaigning. >> the general election campaign from your perspective starts today. >> essentially it started, yeah. >> joining me now is cnn chief
10:52 am
political correspondent dana bash. dana, kasich is out. is he going to endorse donald trump? >> my source who i just got off the phone with close to john kasich says not immediately. he's going to have an announcement, as you were talking about earlier in the program later today in ohio. we understand he is obviously not going to continue to run, but he's not going to today immediately in the same breath say that he's going to support the only candidate left in the race now which is donald trump. >> you heard donald trump say there that he'd be interested in vetting kasich as a vice presidential nominee. is that something john kasich you could see him accepting? >> he has said really explicitly he does not want to be vice president. he has said he would be a terrible vice president, that he's got a good job. he's the sitting governor of ohio and that is based on anybody being the top of the ticket, not just donald trump, so he's really ruled that out. we've seen in history other people rule out the idea of being a running mate and then
10:53 am
they have changed their mind, but i think the fact that you heard donald trump say that he believes that regardless kasich would be helpful in ohio, that was an important notion because ohio is incredibly important. historically but it really will be for donald trump, and so he does need kasich to be on board in some way, shape or form. >> the never trump movement obviously taking a hit with the two potential contenders or competitors at the convention. they are now out. you do have some people digging in their heels. >> yeah. >> but you also have some people already change, and one of them being bobby jindal. do you see the never trump movement surviving through the convention? >> not as a movement, a cohesive movement as we've seen. i don't think so. it's possible that sort of a smaller satellite version of it will exist, but i have been talking to republicans all day who are split. some saying we've got to support the republican because we just don't want hillary clinton or
10:54 am
the democrat in the white house, but others just assed amentially, really senior republicans, jim, who are lifelong diehard conservatives saying i'm just going to write somebody in. i will not vote for donald trump. do you think you're going to change their mind? there's no way, i've asked, and the answer is absolutely not, so those people are going to say and have been focusing they will focus on the down ballot races in the senate and house, and, you know, donald trump is going to have a harder time bringing them around. i would -- i would never say never, but i've never seen this kind of split before. >> six months still to change mind. >> that's right. dana bash, thanks very much. >> watch wolf's entire interview with donald trump today on "the situation room" beginning at 5:00 eastern time right here on cnn. bernie sanders is celebrating his win, a surprise win in the indiana primary, but it barely puts a dent in hillary clinton's delegate lead. clinton picks up 39 delegates even though she lost in indiana and sanders gets just five more, 44 delegates to win the nomination.
10:55 am
clinton needs just 18% of the remaining delegates. sanders would have to win 101%, of course, not possible. jeff weaver is with the bernie sanders campaign and is the manager and joins me now from burlington, vermont. so even senator sand efforts admits he faces an uphill climb, but he's staying in the race. why is he staying in the race? >> well, because the math that you just laid out in your intro is just not correct. that includes what are called super delegates who don't vote until we get to the convention. if you look at pledged delegates, the delegates that are allocated based on the primaries and caucuses neither candidate will arrive at the convention with the number of pledged delegates you need to secure the nomination. that means whoever is nominated will be nominated at the convention with the assistance of super delegates who are unbound and not voting until we get to the convention. i know cnn puts this number up there, but it's just not an accurate reflection of where the race is, frankly. >> let me ask you this. >> and the race is -- go ahead, sure. >> are you saying that sanders is in this to the convention? he's going to take the campaign
10:56 am
all the way to the convention? >> he has said that repeatedly, and i'm just articulating what he's said many times himself. >> but let me ask you this. on super delegates, of course, they can switch. how many super delegates have switched from clinton to sanders in the last month? >> well, let's -- look, it's not about the last month. let's play this out. let's -- >> how many at all? >> disenfranchised voters all across the country, including in california. >> he's had a string of wins and he should have gotten more support from the super delegates. >> well, we're going see a string of wins coming up, and at the end of this when the super delegates take a look at which candidate can best beat donald trump, and that is clearly bernie sanders. the polling is consistent and unwavering over a couple of months now. bernie sanders beats donald trump by a larger margin than does secretary clinton. he's a much better matchup against donald trump in large part because of his strong support among independent voters who democrats will have to bring into coalition in order to win the white house and ballot --
10:57 am
and candidates up and down the ballot. >> donald trump, of course, the presumptive nominee. has no competition now as we get closer to the convention. are you concerned that an extended fight within the democratic party is going to hurt democrats' chances of beating trump in the general? >> well, that's an old myth i think which was exploded in 2008 ironically enough by secretary clinton herself when she went all the way to the end of the process and then senator barack obama became the nominee and did quite well in the fall, so that is an old myth in politics. the truth of the matter is unlike the republican process we've seen, the democratic party process has been one that's largely been focused around issues, issues like raising minimum wage, universal health care, dealing with income and wealth inequality in this country, and that -- having that debate ongoing is very, very healthy, in fact, for the democratic party and you saw exit polls in indiana 3-1 democrats in exit polls said they thought this contest was in fact energizing the democratic party rather than dividing it. >> has sanders influenced the
10:58 am
kind of campaign that hillary clinton is running in your view? >> well, certainly the issue positions that the secretary has staked out have moved over time. they have gotten much closer to senator sanders. you know, she has consistently supported the bad trade deals, she called the transpacific partnership, the tpp, the gold standard of trade deals and got in the race and said, well, now i'm against it, you know. she moved on the keystone pipeline which she had not spoken out about. he was out against it on day one. she ultimately came out against it. you know, she was for a $12 minimum wage and he's been for 15 and now she's trying to move towards 15 herself, soin issue after issue there's been a lot of movement on the part of the secretary and it's important that democrats make sure that if she's the nominee that she stays with those positions and doesn't try to move back to the center. >> there owes an odd commonality between some sanders supporters and some trump supporters, frustration with washington, et cetera. are you concerned that donald trump could attract some sanders supporters away from a
10:59 am
democratic nominee who see themselves as outsiders, feel that the system just isn't working? >> well, i mean, i've been all around the country with the senator. clearly a lot of frustration how the in the world about washington, about a rigged economy, about a rupt campaign finance system, so that -- that exists, but let's be clear, the difference on the substance of policy between the democratic candidates whether it's secretary clinton or senator sanders and donald trump are quite stark frankly. he doesn't want to raise the minimum wage. he thinks wages are too high in this country. you know, he's adopted a lot of far right positions in order to secure this nomination so i'm pretty sure that the democratic nominee, whoever that is, and obviously we think it's going to be senator sanders, will be in a god position to take on trump and to keep voters who have supported senator sanders throughout this process. but let's be clear, if secretary clinton is the nominee it's really incumbent upon her to reach out to these voters, particularly the millions of young people who have come out and talked to them about why she is going to address the needs that they feel and the issues
11:00 am
that senator sanders has raised during the campaign. >> jeff weaver with the sanders campaign. thanks very much. that's it for me. wolf will be back at 5:00 eastern on "the situation room" with the interview with donald trump. for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next and the viewers next here in north america, anderson cooper's live interview with hillary clinton is coming right up. jim skwhuto, thank you so much, my friend. great to be with you on this wednesday. i'm brooke baldwin. are you walking cnn, and, man, do we have a lot coming your way over the next two hours. breaking developments here, first of all in, a matter of minutes we will be hearing from former secretary of state hillary clinton. she will be giving anderson cooper an exclusive interview live here on cnn. it is her first one-on-one since she lost the indiana primary and as we wait for the democratic front-runner to speak we now know for the first time with certainty who